Distribution Center

Caribe Food Corp.’s distribution center is located in the industrial area of Miami, FL. Logistically located near all accessible main highways and railway, Caribe
ensures efficient methods for transportation to and from all areas and locations. With about 64,000 square feet and compromising of ten refrigerated shipping/
receiving bays,our DC provides constant and consistent measures in keeping products at their proper temperatures thus maintaining their freshness and pres
erving their life, never breaking the cold chain.

Using the latest technology available, our ripening system consists of ten computerized ripening rooms with an
overall capacity of about twelve full loads of plantains, bananas or manzanos. This computerized system prope
rly controls the ripening cycle of the fruit at each stage. This attention to detail allows for the fruit to be delivered
at the proper stage, which may vary according to our customers’ needs and location.

Our produce coolers are highly efficient and computer controlled. They range in temperatures from high humi
dity 32 degrees to up to 54 degrees to ensure products are stored at their optimal temperatures. Items are slo
tted and code dated for proper rotation and inventory control based on arrival and proper item identification.

This completely refrigerated area of our warehouse serves to keep products cold prior to shipping and during
receiving. This area ensures the cold chain is never broken thus preserving the life of the product.

Our computerized refrigeration compressors allow us to monitor each storage cooler and maintain proper
temperature control based on the products’ needs.

Our on-site Private Railway facilitates allows us to procure ítems in massive volumes This provides subta
ntial savings on freight costs, thus allowing un to pass these savings to our customers.

In case of an emergency, these 560-kilowatt units provide proper and complete power for our distribution
center. With 1,000 gallons of combined fuel capacity, these dual storage tanks ensure continuous operation
during any power outage. These generators and storage tanks are designed to withstand up to 150 mph
winds during any major storm.